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Dear Saffronites,
Saffrony Institute of Technology is hosting an Event  '2 Idiots' -  🕵 A Unique Career-Counselling Session for 10th, 11th and 12th Science students as well as their parents on 2nd & 3rd June at Himmatnagar, Vijapur & Visnagar.
This 🎓 Career Oriented Informative Seminar will be filled with Facts & Figures about the future of various👷 Engineering Branches, the Investment in the various fields by Government and Private 🏭 Industries and Growth of the branches in the next four years.
Also topics like ❓Why Engineering ❓How to study in the 4 years of Engineering effectively❓Which Parameters to keep in mind while choosing a college ❓  Which Engineering Branch one should select? What are the skills required for doing job or Business? The ACPC process guidance, etc will also be covered.
Invite all your school friends and relatives for a 🌟Knowledge Packed Career Oriented Session🌟  to make them aware them of the Wonderful 🛠Engineering World🌍.
For detailed information about this event and the address, find the📃 Brochure attached.

Felicitation 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018 7:20 AM

On 21st April, 2018 Saffrony Institute of Technology witnessed a 🎇Mega Celebration Day 🎆 of the major function of the Year:
The Most awaited Award Ceremony of the year - 🏆Felicitation🏅
The Day was indeed memorable and the reason for it being one of the most splendid event was that there was a big team of 👬👭👬👭 student volunteers who helped make this event successful right from  🎉🎊🎇 decoration to 🎙🗣 anchoring to management and organization.

UDAAN - The Annual Sports Festival

Friday, June 1, 2018 7:16 AM

UDAAN - The Annual ⚽ Sports 🏏 Festival🎾 of Saffrony Institute of Technology was celebrated on 19th & 20th April, 2018.
The two power-packed days witnessed a lot of enthusiasm, energy, fun, excitement and entertainment in events like: 🏏  Cricket, 🏐Volleyball, Kho-Kho, 👬Kabaddi, Athletics  🏃(100m Race, Relay Race, Shot Put & Long Jump), Carrom, Chess,  🏓 Table Tennis and 🎾 Badminton!
It was 👏remarkable to see the dedication of almost all the Faculty Members of Degree & Diploma Courses as well as a lot of Student Volunteers who stood under the blazing 🌞 sun and helped conduct the event smoothly.
Here are the glimpses of the dynamic UDAAN days:

For more photos CLICK HERE 


On Wednesday 18th April, 2018 the Sharpen Your Skills session held the display of a 📽 2-hour movie - 'Nil Battey Sannata' - The story of a 👧 teenage girl who hates📑 studying and especially hates Mathematics. 

The movie shows the journey of her and her mom who is with her throughout to 
👍 encourage her and secretly challenge her to get better at the subject she hates the most. The movie teaches a lot of 🙇 important life lessons which made many students emotional in the end.
The Students 🤗enjoyed the movie and that was a very happy moment for Saffrony too!
3 Sharpen Your Skill Session was 🗣  conducted by our Chief Student Development Officer - Mr. Akash Mehta on 2nd, 4th and 9th April 2018 
In the first session, he once again established the importance of achieving Mission 💯and 👌 Zero Backlog!!!  - the lucrative placement offers that we might attract due to 🏅the wonderful result of the entire college.
He also explained ❓ how the academic system is designed purely for the benefit of students and how taking the system positively can do🌟 wonders for them!
This session was followed by series of two more sessions on ⌚ Time Management or rather Self Management as Akash Sir calls it. Saffronites were lucky to attend the session as this session was the extract and essence of 📚14 Books read by Akash Sir on Time Management.
After making students analyse their daily schedule and make them🗒 note the activities that eat up most of their time, he covered topics  like: 📊 Priority Grid, 🎯 Daily-Weekly Goal Setting,⏳ Organizing & Saving Time, 🌠Managing Multi-Tasking,🙇 Avoiding Distractions and becoming 👌World Class in whatever you do, 🌖80-20 Principle and lastly🕵Reviewing & Monitoring ourselves!
We're sure this session brought a 👍positive change in the life & schedule of the Saffronites!



Saffrony Institute of Technology is once again 👏 very proud to announce that another student 🗣 conducted the Sharpen Your Skills Session on Monday 16th April, 2018 - Sankalp Gupta (1st Year - Computer Engineering).
Sankalp took a very hands-on and creative session on 'Mnemonics' - Techniques & Tricks to 🙇remember even the longest and complex answers in the simplest way and for a ⏳ long long time. 
He covered the following tricks:🌠 Acronyms, Acrostics, Peg Method, Advanced Peg Method, Mind Maps, Mind Palaces 🌠and many more giving the power to students to remember 📃 long answers, facts, figures, dates, numbers, spelling and whatever one wishes to remember!


The Best Part was that students were a part of the session, performing the methods themselves and experiencing the  📈  increase in memory power!
We wish many more students to come up and conduct such sessions! 

To enhance the knowledge and to expand Students  Vision in the area of AUTO CAD, Saffrony Institute of Technology, Diploma Mechanical Department organized three days workshop for 4th-semester diploma mechanical students from 29th March to 31st March, 2018

We invited experts from,   SOLID WORKS Authorized Training Center.

Around 38 students participated in this workshop. 

Students also have this domain as a part of their  academic curriculum. After successful completion, they have been awarded certificates.


To get a systematic knowledge and to expand Students  Vision in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Prof. Manan Thakkar and Prof. Parimal Patel, Saffrony Institute of Technology invited  Dr. Devang S. Pandya (Ph.D., In Computer Engineering from SVNIT, Surat) for a workshop on 23rd March, 2018. 

Around 35 students from 8th Semester CE/IT department participated in this workshop on the Artificial Intelligence. 

Students also have this domain as a part of their  academic curriculum. So, with this workshop, students also get  benefited in the area of Artificial Intelligence and they also got a privilege to increase their interest in this area.

Saffrony Institute of Technology, Mechanical & Automobile Engineering Department organized a one day workshop on🌠 ‘Basic Sand Casting Process’ 🌠on 23rd March, 2018.
The aim of this workshop was to make students aware of the✴Basic Steps of sand casting and its ✴Importance in different Industries and also about the ✴Latest Technologies available in the sand casting process.
Prof. Ranjit Jadeja(M.E. Mechanical Engineering) conducted the theoretical part of the casting process and practical part was covered by Mr. Dahyabhai Panchal.
Mr. Dahyabhi is an owner of 🏢 Ganesh Moulding Works which is located in Mehsana GIDC. He has around 👏 20 years of experience in Sand Casting and pattern making process.
He also conducts workshops in different 🏫 colleges nearest in Mehsana.
Dr. Hemant Naik (Ph.D., Dean (Alumni & Resources), Professor - Mechanical Engineering Department - SVNIT, Ichhchhanath) conducted a session on the Concept of ⏮Reversible Process, Entropy generation, Application of✌  2nd law of thermodynamics, Quasi-Static Process in a very Interesting way which is related to 👷 Mechanical-Automobile Engineering Branch.
Saffrony Institute of Technology is very fortunate to have such a senior and respected individual to widen the🔭vision of our students.
He is the third most senior person at 🏫 SVNIT Surat currently which is one of the best institutes in the Country.
He presented his own life experiences from his professional journey of 40 years.


Once again, it was all our 🙏 privilege to attend an expert session in our own college from Dr. Naik - a senior person who is involved in the 🌍 world's most important project which is funded and run by seven member entities European Union, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, the United States & India by Invitation!
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