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The Degree 🚘 Automobile Engineering Department had organized an 🏭Industrial Visit to ‘Bhupendra House Crane Service Pvt. Ltd.’, Ditasan for the students of 8th Semester Auto. Engg. On date 31/01/2018.  Bhupendra House Crane Service is one of the largest 🏗Crane Service provider company in Gujarat. 

The visit was specially organized for the subject:👉'Special Purpose Vehicles’ where students got the knowledge of working with various types of Cranes, and their 🎛 systems. 



The Degree👷 Civil Engineering Department of Saffrony Institute of Technology organized a Site 🏗 Visit on 2nd February, 2018, for students of 6th Semester to cater to two subjects in their 📖 syllabus namely Elementary Structure Design and Advance Construction & Equipment.

Before the students Design Structural Elements like Slab, Beams, Column and Footing, it is important for them to be able to 💭 visualize the placement of reinforcement and hence they were taught how to read the 🏙 architect and 📏structural drawings, the cutting, bending, placement and tying of reinforcement, different types of form-work and scaffolding, and various other things to be taken care of during construction.🔨




DE Workshop for 6th Semester Students

Sunday, April 1, 2018 9:54 AM

Saffrony Institute of Technology organized yet another Design Engineering Workshop 🎦 for the students of 6th Semester across all branches on 1st February, 2018. 

In this Workshop the students brushed up their Prototype they made in the last semester and presented the same in front of Faculty Members as well as students of other Semester to get Interdisciplinary 🗨 Reviews on their Prototype.


Students very enthusiastically 💫exchanged ideas and views and hence made the workshop a success!👌

DE Workshop for 4th Semester Students

Sunday, April 1, 2018 9:50 AM

Saffrony Institute of Technology organised the ✌ second Workshop of the  Reverse Engineering ⏮series for all students of 4th Semesters on 1st February, 2018.

In this workshop the students finalized the product which they would like to modify using Design Engineering. They later learnt the SCAMPER tools which helped generate a huge pool of 💡ideas to take their existing product one step ahead!🚶Students also learnt how to 🔍search for existing similar products on the PMMS Website for now.


Saffrony Institute of Technology (Diploma Courses) organized an 🏭 industrial visit at J. K. Laxmi Cement on 30th Jan 2018.

In the visit, the students got to know about the 🎛 Manufacturing  process of Cement of different Grades like OPC and PPC.


The students gained a lot of Practical Knowledge of concept which is 📚 studied in the classroom and was useful to students for their subject like 👷 Quality Management, Concrete Technology, 🏗 Construction Technology, 🏙 Building Material etc.

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